Reducing eCommerce Fraud with Automated Driver’s License Verification

When someone creates a new online shopping account, they are usually required to undergo an identity verification process to confirm they are who they say they are. This procedure is essential to keep out fraudsters from accessing the network. It is also crucial for compliance with data privacy and protection regulations.

Criminals are relentless in circumventing weak defenses. They will use stolen identities or create synthetic ones to perform fraudulent transactions and chargebacks. They can also take over someone else’s existing account by guessing the password or using stolen login credentials.

As criminals become more creative in performing illegal tactics, eCommerce retailers must stay steps ahead by replacing inadequate cybersecurity measures with more robust solutions. They can leverage mobile facial biometric identity proofing coupled with automated identity document verification to shore up their defenses.

During the facial biometric identity verification process, customers can use their camera-enabled mobile device to take a selfie and undergo an anti-spoofing liveness confirmation. They will also be asked to provide a snapshot of their valid identity document, such as a driver’s license, to compare if the details they provided and facial image match what is on the ID.

However, fraudulent individuals might try to pass off a fake driver’s license as a real one. This is where automated identity document verification comes in. The automated system will compare the driver’s license to known templates of specimen documents to look for security markings and other features unique to authentic IDs. It expedites the validation process while ensuring accuracy and security.

Once the customer establishes a trusted identity during enrollment, they can opt for passwordless login to access their account.

Online merchants should be able to trust that the person trying to access their platform is real. For more information on the role of driver’s licenses in mitigating eCommerce fraud, see the following infographic from authID.

Reducing eCommerce Fraud with Automated Driver’s License Verification

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