Gift Pairings That Go Well With Each Other

As a gift-giver, you always have one or two people you want to give many and many gifts. Indeed, they are someone dear to you. One gift is not enough. However, while selecting gifts for them, you often think which two gifts will go together as a pair. Here we are going to help you with gift pairings you can give to that special one in your life on any occasion or festival. 

1) Cakes and Flowers: Cakes and flowers are two gift items that look too good together. Take any occasion; birthday, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or for that matter, any special occasion; the first tokens that come to your mind are cakes and flowers. They complement each other in the best way possible. Moreover, these two have the power to make any recipient smile their best. Do you know what’s best for you as a gift-giver? Well, many online portals provide cake and flower delivery in Kolkata. You can easily order a combo of cake and flower in this city of your choice. 

2) Wine and Cheese: You must have heard that wine and cheese make for an excellent pair. If the gift is for someone who likes liquor, you should swear by this pairing. You can order a bottle of wine, his or her favourite brand. Along with the wine, something cheesy like a box of cheese burst pizza, mac and cheese, cheese balls, packets for munching or any appetizer/snack that is cheesy will do wonders for you and the gift receiver. 

3) Perfume and Beauty: Perfume makes for an elegant gift choice. You must have heard of the perfume and deodorant combo. That is quite a popular gift choice. However, if you want to stand out with your gifting gesture, you can couple a perfume with beauty products. If the recipient is female, go with perfume and makeup products (lipstick, mascara, eyeliner). If the recipient is male, give a perfume bottle with grooming products (hair gel, bear wax, moisturizer, face wash). 

4) Sweet and Salty: Sweet and salty go together like salt and pepper. Here, sweet and salty refers to edibles. With chocolates and candies, you give chips and namkeens. You can make a hamper basket with an amalgamation of these two in equal quantities. Make it a sweet and salty snackable gift hamper basket.

5) Books and Craft Supplies: The bibliophile will love books as a gift. All they want is books and more books. Along with the books, you can send in craft or drawing supplies. The person can try their hands on some DIY crafts and drawing in the spare time. If the person loves crafts or drawing, it goes without saying that he or she will love the combination of these two gifts. 

6) Apparels and Accessories: Both girls and boys like to accessorize their clothes for enhancing the overall look. When you think of gifting them apparels, you can always double it up with accessories or vice-versa. You can choose the accessories as per the apparel, is it traditional, casual, or party wear. Give complimenting accessories to the person. 

7) Bags and Wallets: With the gift of a bag, a wallet seems to be appropriate. Be it any kind of bag: backpack, handbag, sling bag, cross-body bag, a wallet compliment it well. You can add a coin purse or a cardholder along with the wallet, as these two are quite useful

8) Plants and personalised gifts: Plants are a gift of nature, worth gifting. With potted gifts, give along personalised gifts. Potted plants will bring their life freshness and health while the personalised gift will make them relive the golden memories. 

Which gift pair did you like the most? 

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