Do you want to be a bookkeeper? Read This Article to Find Out

If you have been quietly considering a career as a bookkeeper and are unsure as to whether or not it is for really for you, this article may be able to provide you with the insight that you have been looking for. Today we are going to be discussing what bookkeepers do, what careers within bookkeeping are like and career progression opportunities!

First of all let’s take a look at what bookkeepers are and what they do: All businesses are required by law to keep a record of all of their financial transactions including but not limited to purchases, sales, receipts and other payments made by the business or anyone working within it. It is a bookkeeper’s job to ensure that all of the transactions (also referred to as ‘books’) are in order, detailing how much money the individual company is both making and spending.

It doesn’t stop there though! Sometimes bookkeepers are also expected to take on a range of other duties including but not limited to: receiving and processing invoices for payments, determining profit and loss, processing payrolls, estimating revenue and expenditure and managing ledgers.

But what kinds of people make the best bookkeepers? People with strong aptitudes for numbers are well suited to bookkeeping – After all bookkeepers spend the majority of their time dealing with numbers. Mathematical skills however are not all that is needed, bookkeepers can also benefit from many other skills and attribute including: having fabulous concentration skills, being able to work to strict deadlines, boasting an organised and methodical approach to completing tasks, knowing how to use a computer efficiently, having great communication skills and being honest and able to be discreet when needed.

Bookkeepers can easily progress themselves too, simply by taking CPD Accredited Bookkeeping Training Courses. There are bookkeeping courses available for bookkeepers of absolutely all levels, from those only just looking to get into the industry to bookkeeping experts who want to brush up their skills. One of the most magnificent things about bookkeeping courses is that that they are typically short courses, some of which can even be taken online, meaning people can take part in these courses without having to disrupt their entire lives.

Do you want to be a bookkeeper?

If after reading this you think that you would make a great bookkeeper we thoroughly advise that you give it a try. Look for jobs online today and book a bookkeeping course – We are sure that you will never look back. Bookkeeping can be an incredibly rewarding career, one that offers many benefits – it is simply amazing and that majority of bookkeepers love what they do.

If you are an experienced bookkeeper and have anything that you would like to add, please do not hesitate to leave your comments below – We are certain that our other readers will greatly appreciate your input!

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