Cape Coral Florida Window and Door Installation Company

If you’re looking to update your windows in Southwest Florida,you may consider looking up residential window replacement Cape Coral FL. Hopefully you’ll stumble across this wonderful company. This company was established in the mid 90’s, they offer over 20 years of installation experience. They are a distributor of products produced by different companies. Some of the reasons they are as successful as they are is because of what they offer. For example: professional home installations, up to date information on the required building codes in the state of Florida, exceptional customer service, they do not sub-contract from anyone, they provide floor protection if needed, they also cover all furniture if needed, they have a supervisor on site at all times, voted 9 years straight as the best window and door replacement company and they have a state licensed contractor and certified glazier.

It’s important for windows and doors in residence and businesses to be up to code. Especially since they are a structural part of a building. This company located in Cape Coral, Florida provides many options including energy efficient and other options that can handle higher levels of impact. They offer qualified experts to help determine what products will work best for you. Since this company is a dealer, they give you customized options on doors and windows if they don’t have exactly what you need or want. They will even install the doors or windows for you. And follow up with you to make sure everything is working okay.

By updating your windows and doors within your business or home, your actually adding value to your home. Which means when you go to sell you can potentially receive more money for your investment. By adding options like French doors or a sliding glass door. It will give the appearance of more natural light and opens everything up.

This company keeps up with Florida’s building codes. In Florida you are not allowed to replace a door or window in any city without a permit. One of the reasons a permit is required is because windows and doors are part of the structure and with the risk of hurricanes. They have to endure speeds of up to 170 mph. And the only place you can receive your building permit from is a licensed contractor. This is why your guaranteed top of the line insulation. Because a permit cannot be given with put the permission of a general contractor.

Some of the products offered by this company are impact resistance windows and doors. These windows and doors have the ability to possibly block out almost 100% of UV rays. They provide a reduction in noise and maintaining them is super simple. If your replacing windows or doors within an apartment or condo building impact resistant windows and doors are required. And in most cases the windows and doors that are placed in a single family on the ground home are not acceptable in multilevel buildings.

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