Tips To Help You Progress In Japanese

Some people do not necessarily measure the difficulty of learning Japanese and maybe discouraged, more or less quickly. In this article, we, therefore, offer concrete and straightforward tips to facilitate your progress in Japanese, or you can also get the services of a Japanese translation(รับแปลภาษาญี่ปุ่น which is the term in thai) center to translate for you.

Have a robust long-term motivation

It is a constant in all learning, all the more reason that of languages ​​and perhaps, even more, when it comes to Japanese: your motivation must be strong from the start and not erode over time. If you plan on not being able to calm down regularly for work, or if your motivation is going to be a roller coaster, this is probably not the right time to start your training.

Learning the language means wanting to want it and not being discouraged by the difficulties that will arise anyway. If you think you can face them, redouble your efforts not necessarily paid immediately, and be rigorous for a long time, then you have already traveled part of the way!

Know the kana by heart / seriously learn the kanji

The kana (hiragana/katakana) is the most obvious basis of written Japanese. However, this essential base is sometimes rushed to pass directly after learning. It is a gross error that will pay dearly! You must know all of the kana on your fingertips, be able to read and write them without thinking, in a fraction of a second. No kidding. As long as you do not master them 100%, there is no point in starting to learn written Japanese.

Practice to speak better

All this theory and this storage of knowledge are all very well, but one must never forget the purpose: to practice! If you learn Japanese, it is to speak and write it. Very early in your progress, it is possible to find many ways to converse both orally and in writing. You can, for example, find yourself a Japanese correspondent, to chat by e-mail or over a drink, or even assess your level by taking the Japanese international test: the JLPT.

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