Should you Invest in Gold?

Precious metals have been a pretty valuable commodity for many centuries. Throughout the recorded, as well as unrecorded history, it has been used as a currency, as well as a symbol of power and wealth.  Gold has been found in graves, buried alongside human remains dating back as far as 4,000 B.C.

This well-established value demonstrates the strength, stability, and attractiveness of this precious metal over time. It is considered by a lot of investors to be the safest investment, recovering its value a lot quicker through economic and business downturns. The price of this metal usually tracks in opposition to economic swings or the stock market.

When the confidence of market players is shattered, the price of this precious metal usually skyrockets as nervous investors look for safe places to put the cash that they pulled out of the market. It is also a safe environment in times of inflation (or deflation) since it retains its value a lot better compared to currency-back investments, which rises in price but drop its value.

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Investing in gold

Investing in precious metals, especially gold, is not like purchasing bonds or stocks. People can take possession of their investments by purchasing either bullion or coins. Bullions are gold bars with a stamp on top of it. This stamp contains the amount of gold the bar contains and its purity level.

The value of the coin or bullion comes from the content and not its condition and rarity. It can also change by the hour throughout the day. People can purchase these coins and bullions from the United States Mint, brokerage firms, dealers, or banks.

The United States Mint has been producing these bullions and coins for investment since the mid-80s. Investors can also purchase stocks in mining firms, possible contracts, ETFs, or exchange-traded funds focused on this type of precious metal, as well as other regular financial instruments. If market players buy exchange-traded funds that are backed by gold, they are buying shares of the trust’s ownership in precious metal, but have no real claim on the gold itself.

What form of gold is the perfect investment for you?

This type of precious metal comes in different forms so that one might be suited for someone’s investment strategy than another. People can purchase physical coins or bullions made of this metal, but they need to store it in a secure or safe place. It may involve paying firms, banks, or brokers a certain amount. Investing in securities is the same as investing in other securities, except that the prices may move depending on how the stock market is moving.

For instance, if a person is investing in a mining company, the price of the company’s stock may reflect on their financial health, as well as the market position more than the cost of the precious metal. It can create a false sense of security if they use it as a safeguard or safety net against possible risks and opportunities.

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When should investors purchase gold?

A lot of precious metal experts suggest that this product is an excellent hedge or a safety net against rising prices. Although, the fact does not support the statement mentioned above. It is usually a better safeguarding against a financial crisis, instead of a safety net against inflation. In times like recessions and economic depression, the price of gold tends to rise.

But this is not the case during periods where inflation is high. If there is a recession or financial crisis on the horizon, it may be a good idea to purchase precious metals. But if the country’s economy is experiencing high inflation, it may be an excellent idea to pass. When investing in your retirement, you need investments that either reasonably expected to increase in value or generates immediate income so you can sell the investment in the future and use the money from the sale for consumption purposes.

This type of precious metal is not an investment that people can rely on for consumption purposes. People need to keep in mind that if they have held in their retirement portfolio or their Individual Retirement Account, they may pay the penalties for early withdrawal if they decide to sell their investment and cash out.

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