Questions to ask before hiring a facilities management company

Like many things in life, no two facilities management companies are the same. Some will do an excellent job, some are passable, and others can cause more headaches than they solve. 

So, to ensure that you find the best facilities management company for your needs, here are some important questions you need answered. Whilst the questions you need answering will var depending on the individual needs of your business, here is a rough guide to get you started. 

What is the screening and recruitment process for your staff? 

As you won’t be hiring their staff directly, you won’t be able to use the normal screening processes that you have in place for your internal staff. These company will be providing strangers who will likely be in the building unsupervised during off hours, so you need to establish a level of trust. Simply ask what methods are used for screening their hires. 

What training do you provide them with? 

Next, you need to understand whether these staff will have the necessary skills required to perform the tasks you need completed. The amount of detail you need is up to your discretion, but we recommend getting a basic over view. 

How long will the transition take? 

If you are transitioning from one facilities management company to another, there will need to be some form of handover to ensure there isn’t a dip in standards. 

Who will be my point of contact? 

This is crucial to establish. There will inevitably be some issue or question that will need answered and you need to know who will be your point of contact. Make sure it’s someone you’re happy with, and who will provide the level of attention you need. 

What services do you provide? 

You need to ensure your facilities management company of choice can provide the servies you need. The offerings will vary from company to company, so be sure to do your research. 

What is your approach to sustainability? 

Sustainability is essential in todays day and age, so it’s important to make a difference wherever you can. Choosing a facilities management company that prioritses this is important. 

How do I stay updated with compliance and legal requirements? 

If you are bringing in help to stay on top of your compliance obligations, you need to ensure you’re kept up to date. Establish how you will be briefed on this subject. 

What would happen in scenario X? 

In the unfortunate event of a crisis or accident, you need to know how this company will respond. For example, if you’ve hired a London facilities management company to help with your security needs, you need to know how they would deal with a break in or an alarm being set off. 

Can I speak to an existing client? 

This will act like a reference during the job interview process. What better way to know if this company can meet your needs?

What equipment/supplies will you provide? 

This will be important for your budgeting – as you’ll need to know if you need to provide your own supplies, or your company will be doing this for you. 

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