Four advantages of using Whatsapp to spread the word of your crowdfunding campaign

Social media platforms are the fuel for your online crowdfunding campaign. Social media lets you put the word around and interact with the masses. The agenda of crowdfunding, that is, to reach out to the millions around the world via internet is served only when you start sharing your campaign on social media. Like all the platforms, Whatsapp has its own perks. Crowdfunding India says that the reason why whatsapp stands apart from any other platform is its personalized approach. You can craft messages, that are neither too long nor too short, mentioning all the necessary details and send them to as many contacts as you can receive. This direct approach on the one hand enhances the confidence of the campaigners, and on the other hand, communicates the urgency of donating at certain times.

Here Crowdfunding India lists a few reasons why you should use Whatsapp if you want to ensure the success of your crowdfunding campaign. These are the four advantages of using Whatsapp to reach out to the potential donors:

A personal touch

Crowdfunding India says that the highlighting feature is that WhatsApp lets you form personal, one-to-one communications with the potential donors. It also shows that the request to donate is coming from a trusted source. Crowdfunding India has online crowdfunding pages optimized for mobile sharing, so it’s easy for people to click through and go through your account and donate right from their cell phones.

Formation of groups

Crowdfunding India says that organising communication is really easy on Whatsapp. Other than sending individual texts, you can form small, separate groups of donors dividing them according to their backgrounds so that you can share contents accordingly which would interest them. You can keep them updated about the campaign regularly, send the balance sheets, budget about your campaign. If the donors are present in a group, it would inculcate a sense of security in them, as they would know that they are not alone. This would make them aware of your legitimacy and transparency, and also give an informal approach to the campaign.

The instantaneous communication

The potential donors would be able to get in touch with you instantly and easily. You can respond to all the queries personally. Crowdfunding India says that the reason why campaigners are preferring whatsapp over emails is the ease and effortless communication of whatsapp texting. You can access it anywhere in your smartphone. The majority of the population use Whatsapp these days, while not all of them have email accounts and even if they do about half of them don’t access it regularly. Due to the ergonomic nature of whatsapp, people of all ages can access and use Whatsapp, so you know that your target audience will be of a broad range.

The ease of sharing

Whatsapp has an easy user interface which makes the sharing procedure quite simple. You can start of by sharing your campaign to all of your contacts and ask each one of them to spread the word further. If all of your contacts share the contacts with all of their contacts and the chain does go on, you can imagine how far the campaign would spread. Moreover people may ignore social media posts or emails, but Whatsapp texts have another significance. Crowdfunding India says that people, no matter what, can ignore a message personally sent to them.

These are the reasons why you must start using this famous messaging app to share the word of your campaign across the world. For further information regarding how to frame WhatsApp texts or what strategies to apply, you can check the Crowdfunding India page for further information.

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