All about Cartwright Law Firm and David G. Yen

When we talk about excellent legal service that promises to provide clients well every time as per their needs and direction, Cartwright law firm is the place in question. The attorneys of this firm know their job well which is to enable smooth transition so that the client can be at peace. They successfully advocate the client’s goals. Be it a custody issue or a divorce, a case of personal injury or elder abuse, Cartwright Law Firm is the solution. It has successfully solved litigation defense regarding contractual disputes. They inform the client about every law and the changes undergone by them if any so that legal issues can be avoided well in advance. They serve clients regarding estate planning as well.

Personal Life of David G Yen

David’s birth took place in Madison of Wisconsin. During his growth years he lived in Wisconsin as well as Kansas. His area of interest in Law school was Tort Law. This law deals with providing compensation to people who receives injury through the civil justice system. He took interest in making short films in school in his leisure time. His other areas of interest include hiking, reading, playing tennis and so on. He had always stood by the side of underdogs serving people against the atrocities of insurance companies. His also finds pleasure in dealing with cases which deal with poverty and race relations. He has considered Robert F. Kennedy, Clint Eastwood and Michael Jordan as his idols.

Education of David G.Yen

David G. Yen is one of the worthiest associate of the Cartwright Law firm. He received his degree of graduation from School of Law affiliated to the University of Texas in the year 2003. During his graduation days he actively participated in the Court Competition of Thad E. Hutcheson Moot. He also participated in Mock Trial Tournament held by the American Trial Lawyers Association. He achieved honours degree in both the subject. He was a member of Asian American Law Students Association as well. In the year 2000, he received a graduate degree from University of California. He received a B.A. degree in Political Science.

Experience of David G. Yen

David G. Yen’s area of experience ranges from personal injury litigation to auto accidents and wrongful deaths. His expertise extends to property cases. His experience enables him to deal with cases regarding employment discrimination, elder abuse and violation of civil rights and so on.

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