How Clients Hire The Best Drywall Contractors

Searching for a drywall contractor isn’t always easy. A lot of people make use of referrals to find drywall contractors to work with. This is why if you’re a drywall contractor, you’ll need to ask your clients if they can provide you with referrals. Don’t limit yourself to your clients either. Ask your friends, family, network circle, as well as other people you trust, to provide you with referrals.

Another option is to ensure you’re connected to an association such as the AWCI. Also known as the Association Of The Wall And Ceiling Industry, the AWCI is an industry group that many consider a trusted resource. Clients who don’t have any knowledge of who a good drywall contractor might be might consider visiting an industry group to find help.

How Do Clients Search for Drywall Contractors? 

Not every client will know how to approach an industry group, and they might not have referral connections either. So how do they search for drywall contractors? Why they turn to the internet of course.

Doing a simple Google search for ‘best-licensed drywall contractor near me’, is an easy way to find a professional drywall contractor. With the help of an online search, prospective clients can easily make a list of potential drywall contractors that they want to hire. To shorten this list even further, clients will need to communicate with the drywall contractor they have hired. They can ask drywall contractors to provide them with quotes, as well as photos of previous work that they have done.

This is why you should consider having a business website. On your website, provide clear information on the services you offer, as well as how clients can get in touch with you. Ensure that your website is SEO integrated and provides helpful and informative content, to rank higher in search engine page rankings. On your website, add client testimonials and upload a portfolio of work you’ve already done as well.

Ensure you add your drywall contracting information to online and offline listings as well, in case clients look for you there. Consider creating business social media pages as well, to better engage with potential clients.

How Are Drywall Contractors Interviewed? 

Before a client hires a drywall contractor, they’ll most likely interview the contractor first. During the interview process, the client is trying to gauge whether they can trust and rely on you or not. You will likely be asked questions about how much the project will cost, as well as your previous experience. They could ask you about the history of the company you work for as well, to ensure that their work will not be impacted.

You’ll also need to show the client that you have the proper licenses and permits. The client can ask you if you have a dedicated team, and ask you to provide information about your crew. They could also ask you about how you intend to complete the drywall installation project.

If you’re a drywall contractor, then consider investing in drywall contractor insurance. This is because working ad a drywall contractor leaves you exposed to certain risk factors, such as getting sued by clients. When you have drywall contractor insurance, you can better protect your career as well as your finances. If you would like to learn more about drywall contractor insurance, then click here.

Clients will also likely ask you about your payment structure. Let them know how long it will take for you to finish the project, and provide them with a quote as well.

Setting A Good Price 

Remember to price your services competitively. This is because the client has likely asked multiple drywall contractors for quotes. Your quote should be close to, if not an average of the quotes provided by other contractors. If you price your services too high, the client might pick another contractor. On the other hand, if you price your services too low, then the client might think your work might not be up to par. Know what the general drywall contracting prices in your area are, to offer the client competitive pricing options.


When you know what potential clients are looking for, when hiring drywall contractors, you’ll know how to market yourself better. You should show the client that you have the right knowledge and technical skill to provide them with quality services. You should also have the right permits and licenses to work as a drywall contractor.

A lot of clients use the internet to find drywall contractors near them, so consider building a website for your business as well. Use this guide to learn everything you need to know about getting hired as a drywall contractor.

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