You don’t need to have much information to define the most reliable and largest forex brokers, think simple. People usually look first at the regulations, bonus, then the trading condition and support, that’s true, and too much information. In this article today, we provide you a shortcut to target quickly on what information you need. The other information would be complemented right after.

Quick Scan

Strong Team on Support

Every broker has their support team, and reliable and powerful brokers have it incredibly strong. Keep your eyes on two objects: brokers’ online support and regional office system, which take a long time to build up, need both reputation and might. Quality online support usually has a significant number of flags to encounter language barriers 24/7. Regional offices require a stable finance from brokers and also nations’ permission to allocate. Traders can take a brief test for online support with messages, and the information regarding local offices and local payment system can be easily found on their website.

Exness, FxPro, FBS, and XM meet all the standard requirement. They also have much collaboration with numerous international banks which can guarantee your money safe and easy withdrawals. As online brokers generation, the electronic wallet is well-accepted, so faster your in-hand fund.

Trusted Regulations

Being careful is critical. To verify once more the trustworthiness of the broker, you should take a look at the regulation. More regulations mean less open trading condition from brokers, so one standard license such as ASIC, FCA, CySEC, or NFA is good enough. Or if they are not from the US or UK, one Asian financial association regulations can troubleshoot the problem for brokers who focus on the currency market there.

Various Account Options

People have different minds so different forex trading strategies, even between each beginner, advanced, and expert groups of forex traders. Top brokers long for regular and especially loyal clients so they need the long-term plan. Various account options with the low minimum deposit could help traders step through the first door and give them chance to find out more about brokers. For example:

  • Exness minimum deposit – no requirement
  • FBS – at least 1 dollar as the down payment
  • HotForex – requires 5 dollars minimum deposit

Trading Condition for Good Profit

Low Transaction Cost

Money is needed for living, so are brokers. Good ones based on high-quality services through time, gather clients and take a small fee from each as an income. The methods are high spread and low commission or vice versa. There also has the broker that low their transaction cost on both, Exness. EUR/USD is the most popular currency pair, and we have some examples:

  • Exness – 1.1 pips
  • Hotforex – 1.1 pips
  • XM – 1.7 pips
  • FXTM – 1.7 pips

High Leverage

High leverage means better chance to earn big, but there is also risk to lose great behind. However, there is no exact stability in the foreign exchange market, and everyone wants to make huge money. Traders can gain experience with Cent account, which require low minimum deposit, real trading context – pressure, gain, loss – at small-scale level. Then try other accounts for the greater good. Among the international brokers, the highest leverage conditions are offered by:

  • Exness – 1:Unlimited
  • FBS, HotForex – 1:1000
  • XM – 1:888


Exness, HotForex, XM, FxPro are best forex brokers 2018 that worth trading with. You can practice the quick scan tips (support team, regulations, and multiple sorts of account) and trick to check whether if it suits you. Keep researching carefully, trade with tight discipline, diligent, then success will follow. Good luck, see you next time!

Sophie Green: Sophie's blog focuses on e-commerce strategies and trends. Her background as an e-commerce entrepreneur informs her insightful posts.

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