Is it safe to say that it was Only The ‘Formal Law’ That Was Nailed to The Cross?

Right, what is this assumed ‘Stylized Law’? Is it Scriptural or is it hu-man made? Was there a ‘Transitory Law’ that some additionally bafflingly assert? Did this law exist as a different substance or as a sub-division of The Whole Law in Old Covenant times? Did Moses convey a two phase variant of The Whole Law? Has this asserted ‘Stately Law’ been intentionally invoked the Judaising scholars of the later hundreds of years keeping in mind the end goal to befuddle and swindle True Believers and supporters of The Way? The Way, being that of just and Graciously following Yashua Anointed as our Friend, Elder Brother and Savior i.e. putting our aggregate trust and confidence in Him for everything?

Alright, so we should look at this plan to check whether it holds any water. My figure is that it won’t, yet how about we investigate see to ensure, so we can tell these malicious individuals where they can go. That is cordially, obviously, else they will rapidly blame us for not showing the Fruits of The Spirit. ROFL. It doesn’t mind that they don’t have any of that Spirit at any rate, however there you go. Life is loaded with numerous peculiar and ‘superb’ astonishments, is it not?

2 Chron 33:8 (KJV) Neither will I any more expel the foot of Israel from out of the land which I have delegated for your fathers; with the goal that they will notice to do all that I have Commanded them, as per The Whole Law and the statutes and the laws by the hand of Moses. (All Emphasis mine)

There we are people, THE WHOLE LAW, The Statutes and The Ordinances by The Hand of Moses and Commanded by The Lord – The Commandments. Here, as well, are The Holy Scriptures that demonstrate The Whole Law was composed around Moses:

Mass migration 24:12 (KJV) And the LORD said unto Moses, Come up to me into the mount, and be there: and I will give thee tables of stone, and a law, and edicts which I have composed; that thou mayest show them.

Mass migration 34:28 (KJV) And he was there with The LORD forty days and forty evenings; he did neither eat bread, nor drink water. Furthermore, he composed upon the tables the expressions of The (OLD) Covenant, The Ten rules. (Sections mine)

There it is, individuals, it can’t be more straightforward than that and with no uncertainty, and ALL recorded by Moses, so we definitely realize that there is no such thing as a different ‘Formal Law’ other than in the psyches of pitiable and underhandedness 21st century Pharisees who posture and pretend at being devotees of Yashua Anointed and paying insincere lip administration to His Grace.

Presently the following point we should illuminate is this: Does The Whole Law incorporate The Ten Commandments? Or then again, maybe, we could make it a more moronic inquiry: Could somebody isolate The Ten Commandments from The Whole Law along these lines still call it The Whole Law? I let you know, people, there are many ‘virtuosos’ out there that imagine that they can. That, as well as there are some who are clever to the point that they invoke this non-Scriptural new name i.e. the ‘Stately Law’ (as you would) and deduct that from The Whole Law. By doing this, they mistakenly figure, they can leave The Ten Commandments free, convey them forward into The New Covenant period, and afterward make them authoritative on those Born of God (Born Again) with the indwelling of The Holy Spirit. This implies returning them to subjugation and judgment of The Law. How slippery malice and snake-in-the-grass is that? Well they are The Devil’s own, so would it be advisable for us to expect something else?

In addition, on the off chance that we look for the words ‘Formal Law’ simply like the words ‘Heavenly Trinity’ and ‘Satisfaction’, in The KJV of The Bible, we won’t discover them composed there. Moreover, they additionally attempt another trap by calling this nonexistent and non-existent ‘Stylized Law’, the ‘Transitory Law’, likewise not Scriptural. This, instead of their fanciful changeless, and now isolated, Ten Commandment Law.

So what does this add up to? Simply, everything focuses to the dingy workmanship of certain otherworldly animals hoping to undermine Yashua Anointed’s Glorious Grace with their malicious plan of “The Whole Law” now stripped of the non-existent ‘Formal Law’ (it as far as anyone knows nailed to the cross) allowing The Ten Commandments to sit unbothered and still in drive. Sharp eh? Well not sufficiently astute for a Spirit drove Messenger and devotee of Yashua Anointed, that is without a doubt.

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