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As per the American Burn Association, about 450,000 persons across the country are treated for burns and burn-related injuries in hospitals and emergency rooms. While some burns can happen due to unavoidable circumstances beyond our control, burn accidents can also be caused due to someone else’s negligence. In such cases, law firms like Blackburn & Green ensure that victim is compensated by the responsible party as this compensation might be required to pay for expensive cost incurred in treating and rehabilitating the burn injuries and also provide some relief to the victim.

The most common causes of burns include fire or exposed flames, scalding, electricity, chemicals, and contact with a hot surface. Burn victims require immediate medical treatment and often have to relive the trauma several times over with scars that might have affected their face, arms or other parts of their body. Blackburn & Green assist burn victims in taking a number of decision post burn accidents to minimise the potential for scarring and hold the negligent party responsible under Indiana personal injury law for burn injuries sustained due to their neglect.

According to the American Burn Association, a large number of burns happen at home which can be the result of defected products such as extension cords, clothes, dryers, battery chargers etc. A lot of burn injuries also take place at the workplace and a large number of burn accidents can be occupational injuries. Furthermore, burn injuries can also occur due to a motor vehicle accident wherein fuel tank ignited post a vehicular collision. Fire can make it difficult for occupants to escape a burning vehicles causing burn injuries.

If your burn injuries are a result of someone else’s negligence, Blackburn& Green ensures that the victim is compensated by the party whose negligence caused the burn injuries. Whether your injuries are caused due to theneglect of another person, like a landlord who did not repair a faulty wiring or a defected vehicle part that suddenly burst into flames, the victim has grounds for an Indiana burn injury case, as per Blackburn & Green.

Also, many times companies ignore workplace regulations or use defected products or fail to train their drivers, who cause negligent  accidents. Victims of such fire burns and accidents are promptly represented by Blackburn & Green, who ensure the burn injury victims receives the maximum compensation from the negligent party as this compensation is important for treatment and recovery of the burn victim.

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